Press the ”add” button and select the folder that contains the UnrealScript code you want to include. Originally posted by Wormbo View Post. Execute the installer and follow the steps The first time you start UnCodeX it will prompt you to change the settings. Contact the UDN Staff. I use Grep on the source directories myself, sure its not exactly uncodex but I used that mostly for its search function anyways, it was nice to see official code in a different highlighter sometimes as not to confuse the native classes and the fact uncodex didnt allow you to edit files.


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You either made a programming error, or you forgot to include the source path that contains the package with this class. I would love to have this as well.


When an error like this happens during source code analysis it is mostlikely due to a serious error in the source code. This is the log.

Unhandled exception in class You show and hide the various panels through the main menu under the ”View” sub menu. The fifth element of the main window is hidden by default: When one of the trees class tree or package tree has the focus you can start typing and it will automatically try to find the next class or package that starts with the text you just entered. If you are looking for the Unreal Engine 4 documentation, please visit the Unreal Engine uuncodex Documentation site.


But best way to find the error is to compile the code. The only required configuration uncodez the ”Source Paths” setting. This element shows the details of the currently selected class. Don’t say “Press F12 in Visual Studio”, please. Installation Get the latest version of UnCodeX from its project page. For more information about other settings please consult the UnCodeX help file.

Introduction to UnCodeX

Right-clicking this tree will show some additional functionality. Or even something more interactive that includes the sources? Clicking these results will open the source file at the given location in the source previes, or double click it to ucnodex it in the configured editor.

This shown a read only, syntax highlighted version of the source code of a selected class.

UnCodeX Free Download

Originally posted by Wormbo View Post. Pressing escape will cancel the inline search. My workflow always relied heavily on having UnCodeX for easy reference Which part of it do you mean? The best part is Emacs comes for Linux too. You can click on known UnrealScript classes to view the source code of that class. Press the ”add” button nucodex select the folder that contains the UnrealScript code you want to include.



Theres API refrence https: Troubleshooting Source code analysis During source code analysis you might encounter the following warnings or errors: UnCodeX is a perfect companion when using your favorite text editor you program UnrealScript, but it can also be a useful addition to UnrealScript aware editors like nFringe or WOTgreal. The two options ”Run server” and ”Join server” can be configured through the settings menu.


You can also move the panels to attach to different sides by dragging the the handles two horizontal or vertical lines on the top or left side of the panels. Discarding token You can ignore this message.


Terms and Conditions Privacy Notice. In the full text search you can use regular expressions uncoeex the basic regular expressions functionality can be used. I did the same thing as GreatEmerald and used the search function of GitHub.