We decided the latter because of the reason I mentioned before. The game basically allows you to start off with any starter pokemon: Afterwards we stopped development of the game, but the source code spread like a fly around the Pokemon MMORPG community, especially at ragezone. Maybe you just have to email them for the source. You must log in or sign up to reply here. They are distributing the client binary to everyone who want’s to play the game and GPL requires to distribute the source code. File Removed for Violation.


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You have a right to defend your open source project and if you really want to get these guys to follow the rules, enforce it. Shame about the servers and potential shutdown because it looks pretty darn neat!

Pokemonium, a Pokemon MMO

What to do about Pkkemonium Pokemonium has been a fun ride for all of us, we’ve learned a lot in the process, but it’s time to say goodbye for us to active and dedicated development. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Last edited by KiruHoshino; at Currently only the first one is available, I think.



Yes, my password is: Feb 24, Messages: We are however going to expand the wiki soon with some tips. You did your part in reporting this albeit you probably wouldn’t if it wasn’t your project specific maybe; I’m totally guessing on this part.

Grey NightmareMay 3, There pokemoinum dispute about the term “distribute” as if its on online app they are technically not distributing the code to anyone but it remains on their servers.

Its pretty clean imo. I’m glad you actually released this; instead of starting another project and leaving this behind. There has been a lot of requests from the community as to make the code open source and we’ve made this happen.

We will evaluate these pull requests and, once accepted, merge them into the main repository. Log in or Sign up.

Pokemonium, a Pokemon MMO | HIVE

I would read up on pokeomnium more to get a better understanding as there is a lot written about this. Music Contest 10 – Results are finally published! If they do, its great. Jul 9, Messages: The stupid thing is I kinda find it nice that they forked our code, but I dislike them for not following GPL.

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If you want to contribute you should be able to figure it out for yourself. This way they are visible to anyone and anyone can see and fix them.



At least their MediaFire upload of the game is gone! Pokemonium or any pokemon MMO will eventually be a dead ppokemonium which get’s knocked down, bleeds to death and doesn’t pay the loads of time we invest in it.

I would like to point out that those are not up to date and were not maintained. Putting aside the merits of right and wrong, its pokemoniumm if this is actually the case. But if it bothers you that much, have an attorney send them a letter. The time now is But don’t expect Nintendo to do anything.


I checked the source. You can clone our repository but don’t have direct write access to it. More to come later, for now enjoy this vast pokemon world online! I am one of the original developers of PokeNet. They are also breaking Nintendos trademarks and copyrights.