A great shaabi dancer is one that while performing does such a good job mocking the lyrics, that anyone in the audience regardless of language spoken should understand the basic story or feeling in the song. By summer , mahraganat had become popular throughout all of Egypt. This is because of the social status of the performers and fans, the controversial topics and style of lyrics, use of obscenities [6] , and personal style of the sarsagiyya mahragan fans. Costuming for mahraganat is pretty undefined, but the general rule is that some sort of street clothing should be worn. Over the past few years, young Egyptians have developed skills in keyboarding and computer programming that results in a unique mix of electronic sounds over shaabi beats.


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However, Mahraganat is just like traditional shaabi in the technique aspect. It is meant to be playful and not aggressive.


Most performers wear clothing that is worn by the mahragan artists at festivals- skinny jeans, a cropped tshirt or jacket, a belt, and sometimes a baseball cap. With the convenience of YouTube, most artists could self-promote their music for free and gain a wide variety of fans in a mahdaganat of seconds.


Its controversial themes keep many songs banned in conservative areas, but there are plenty of clean, fun mahraganats to keep the art form alive and thriving mayraganat many years to come. Outside of Egypt, the genre was popularised by alternative culture magazine Audio Kultur and the Cairo Liberation Front. These festivals are often very masculine and aggressive, but are also a place for women to dance and have fun as well.


Short Film Displays Intimate World of Cairo’s Mahraganat Music

The genre was considered vulgar by some older and more conservative Egyptians. Costuming for mahraganat is pretty undefined, but the general rule is that some sort of street clothing should be worn. Radio station bans mahraganat song”.


Subscribe to receive news by email. Like mulid a different sub-genre of sha’bi music it is dance music, not meant for sitting and listening. Ina group of mahragan DJs toured the Netherlands. Inwedding DJs began combining chaabi music and electronic dance music with ,ahraganat from reggaetongrime and rap.

Auto-tune is used to distort voices and create a fun, infectious sound that makes anyone want to get up and dance!

Short Film Displays Intimate World of Cairo’s Mahraganat Music | Egyptian Streets

InHind Meddeb released a documentary about the genre entitled Electro Chaabi. This is actually a symbol for love. Arts and Architecture The Arab world laid the foundation for most of the arts and architecture we know today–the pyramids of ancient Egypt, for example, were tremendous feats The most common you will see is any movement kahraganat the hand s are a closed fist with the thumb and pinky finger sticking out.

From Wikipedia, mharaganat free encyclopedia. Many times, dancers mock the lyrics with their gestures. Mahragaat this may be the first ever mainstream track, Mahraganat was actually started by the following five DJs, El Sadat, Figo, Ghandi, Labat and Alaa 50 Cent, some years earlier, in Retrieved from ” https: Arabic Arab Word of the Day.


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Sometimes dancers will accent these pieces with rhinestones for performances, but it is not necessary. It mahtaganat typically never choreographed and feels free-spirited and full of energy.

Jazz Stylistic origins Chaabi grime music trance music reggaeton. InNagham FM radio station banned maharagan songs from its programs, citing that they did not “match Egyptian customs and traditions”.

It has many names, but the most common you will see are mahraganat shaabi, street shaabi, shaabi masri, and electro shaabi. In fact, the most viral YouTube mahraganat video in Cairo is of an Asian hip-hop dancer! It is danced like you would see in clubs and at street festivals. Dance music blog Generation Bass also helped introduce mahraganat to European audiences.

As mentioned above, any shaabi mahrxganat must use authentic gestures to get the point across. Some mahraganat artists are even trying to break into American culture by mixing Arabic and English lyrics. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.