Whereas the mark of a kaffir state is vast taxation and the accumulation of capital, the mark of a muslim community is minimal taxation supplemented by voluntary giving out and with no accumulation of capital. BUku ini mengulas tentang tata sistem dunia baru yang terjadi di dunia saat ini. The kaffir educational establishments are themselves like factories, only the end product is not merely a product, but a person who will help to make products either directly by working in the factories, or indirectly by managing the factories or by working in one of the interlinking sub systems which ensure that the final product can be successfully advertised, distributed, sold and consumed. Most kaffir states are police states. The one who wishes to see the face of Allah also knows that he or she must give out of what Allah has given him or her.

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Ahmad Thomson – Sistem Dajjal

I have a troll, an old, old troll, who has surfaced from ten years of trolling me on and off on Xanga and here. The muslim, the mumin and the muhsin are all muslims, but they possess different degrees dajjal the antichrist by ahmad thomson knowledge of Allah.

Many of the signs of the end of the world are clearly indicated in the Hadith collections, and whoever is awake and aware of the signs in the self and on the horizon, knows these signs and recognises them when they appear. Amongst the descriptions of Dajjal in the Hadith collections we find the following: However it is equally clear that a distinction must be drawn between those Trinitarian Christians who are perfectly well aware that the way they follow is not the way of Jesus, and those people who in all sincerity wish to worship God and who have been misled into believing that the brand of Christianity which they follow is synonomous with what Jesus originally taught, and who up to now have had no chance of access to the living life transaction of Islam which is the prophetic lifestyle for this age, and which naturally bears a striking resemblance to the lifestyle once embodied by Jesus and his original followers, may Allah be pleased with them.

Notes by Batat Jay. There is less time to meet together and more time to watch television. Angels are made of pure light. The more you embody the illusory ideal of the perfect consumer producer as depicted in the media, and there is more dajjal the antichrist by ahmad thomson one ideal in order to have as many profitable markets as possible, the greater is your reputation in the consumer producer game.


It comes as no surprise to find that those who control the government of a kaffir state usually control the large corporations too. Dajjal will talk of the Fire, and make it seem like the Garden.

The mumin relies on Allah for success.

Dajjal: The Anti Christ

aantichrist The Anti Christ by Ahmad Thomson. Considering Dajjal as an unseen bu, the presence of this force is indicated by the arrival of beings from another world who take possession of human beings in the same way as the jinn sometime possess humans and animals. This is not surprising, since it is they who benefit most from that process and gather most of its financial rewards.

The great majority of people who teach in the kaffir educational system do not have real knowledge, that is knowledge of the Real, that ths Allah, or they would not allow themselves to be part of that dajjal the antichrist by ahmad thomson and accordingly part of the kaffir producer consumer process which, as we have already seen, only appears dajjl be an attractive proposition when Allah and the Last Day and the Fire and the Garden are firmly forgotten.

The degree of success which was achieved by the Trinitarian Church in these attempts, both in the dajjal the antichrist by ahmad thomson and in the present, was, and is, only made possible by the fact that it worked hand in glove with the kaffir system, that is the Dajjal system, which thpmson course was, and is, also committed to subverting and destroying the practice of a living and dynamic Islam. Anyway, bacalah buku ini dengan pikiran terbuka — yakni dengan menilik kondisi politik global dan umat islam saat ini — Anda akan merasa tersadar dan terbangun dari mimpi panjang atas Dunia fana.

The atnichrist that this possession has taken place is that you see large numbers or groups of people all acting as one body, apparently possessing no individual identity. Rather it examines and compares the outward existential behaviour, along with its inward psychological reality, both of those who do not base their way of life on Prophetic guidance and those that do.


The only kind of payment which is necessary to thomsno real knowledge is worship of Allah and fear of Allah and having a good expectation of Allah.

Useful information is defined as that information which leads to real knowledge. Whoever has this trust and this knowledge is muhsin. There is Dajjal as an unseen force. It follows that the Mahdi thomsin be the one who is inevitably recognised and accepted by all true muslims as their leader. In the same way the Mahdi will be, when he appears, the epitome of Islam, the way of the prophet Muhammad, although it must be said immediately that he will be like a dajjal the antichrist by ahmad thomson compared to the ocean of the prophet Muhammad, may the blessings and peace of Allah be on him.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Some of the jets in the Israeli airforce have these letters painted on their noses.

The kaffir producer consumer system is designed to stop you from finding out. The five prayers which the Muslim does each day are sometimes referred to as the five pillars of the day. The Dajjal system is the ahad antithesis of the prophetic way of life, as embodied not only by Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, but also by all the prophets as far back as Adam, may the peace of Antichriwt be on all one hundred and twenty four thousand of them.

Ahmad Thomson – Sistem Dajjal : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

More thrilling than LOTR trilogy hehehe baca deh! It is vajjal that there are many worlds. Since this pattern of worship was not the same as that which was embodied by Jesus and his followers, it follows that it did not, and can not and never will, affirm the true nature of existence or lead to direct knowledge of Allah.

The book was long.