Click the “Window Color and Appearance” link. Instructions, timing, type and scope of exercise series, as well as the exercises themselves can be altered. Documentation for trainees and supervisors by the manual and by context-sensitive help on-screen. Please read this information before downloading the demo version! Score Reporting is automatic, differentiated and user-selectable. Introductory screens before each exercise.


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The program can be used with add-on learning demonstrations, help with solutions, levels of difficulty, explanation of results, repetition options and adaptive task series, i.

Close all windows applications.

Reports confirm improved skills, high acceptability and the development of realistic self-assessment. Security by lockable menus, supervisor passwords, elaborate error-routines, optional protection against undesirable training break-offs. This cogack is outdated.


Open Theme Settings by clicking the “Start” button, cogppack “Control Panel”, clicking “Appearance and Personalization”, clicking “Personalization”, and then clicking “Theme”. Then in the next screen, click the link near the bottom for “Open classic appearance properties for more color options”.



Networking in a LAN with additional station license only. Steer, follow or mark a moving figure. Reproduce or mirror a drawing. You must not insert blanks anywhere into the path expression.


Print this page Go to download. With Windows 7 and Vista it is neccessary to run the installation explicitly as administrator: Versions COGPACK Professional contains the Home version, supplementary material, more alteration options, tools, personal data copgack, group statistics, and some source files.

Times, dates, compass, money, weights and measures, traffic signs, license plates, abbreviations, keyboard, geography, etc.

Trainingsprogramm COGPACK

Divide lines or pies. Scanning, character recognition, catch a falling star. Trade prices cogpck request. Right-click on the desktop and choose “Personalize”. Please read this information before downloading the demo version! Package Contents 64 test and training programs, with different task sets, e.

marker software – Info zu COGPACK Demo

Control by keyboard, mouse or touch screen optionally. Assembly-line simulation and continuous performance tasks. Complete a logical block. Overall scores, performance, time and course scores, scores for individual exercises, graphic profiles written to disk, screen or printer. Editable task files and item lists contain formatting information and references. The supervisor can decide whether clients see all scores, no scores or only their own score. Documentation for trainees and supervisors by the manual and by context-sensitive help on-screen.


Adaptive trials can’t be demonstrated with the DEMO because number of tasks is too small.

Various types of recall and repetition applicable. Selected settings are preserved.

Comparative Scoring can be set to update average scores and best scores automatically. Please switch off the firewall.

The sequence of exercises can be made dependent on specific criteria. Introductory screens before each exercise.