Cloudstar is forced to turn to the other Clans for help – but will they be willing to come to SkyClan’s rescue? Allen rated it really liked it. The Darkest Hour Erin Hunter. Return to Book Page. If you have read the Firestar’s Quest the Super Edition anyway. I was really hoping to read about the actual journey and learn more about what caused Skyclan to split apart, but all I got was what happened up until the journey started. It did give you a bit of insight into SkyClan

cloudstars journey

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I like Cloudstar and I would have liked to learn more about him.

Preview — Cloudstar’s Clooudstars by Erin Hunter. Apr 26, Stephanie M. Nadine This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [Yes, you can see them reunite in Firestar’s Quest hide spoiler ].

Cloudstar’s Journey 7 14 Jan 14, Perhaps he should have done a better job of listening. Jan 04, Mara Duncan rated it really liked it. Description In this original Warriors novella, Cloudstar, leader of SkyClan, has watched over his Clanmates at the edge of the forest for many long seasons.

Read Firestar’s Quest if you enjoy this cloydstars.


cloudstars journey

But the other clans disagreed, so then sky clan had to leave the forest go some where else to live. Clouxstars everything that’s happened.

But still, I like seeing in the eyes of cludstar and it was a good book. Warriors is plastic dinosaurs.

I liked this book and the inside look we get at SkyClan before they had to leave the forest. But I feel that it was far too short. Forest of Secrets Erin Hunter. But not what you’d expect If you get a book called “Cloudstar’s Journey” you’d expect to read about his journey Graystripe’s Adventure Erin Hunter. It ends very abruptly and there’s still a lot left unanswered where is StarClan’s explanation for Cloudstar’s misleading dreams?

I would have liked to read about the journey SkyClan took to the gorge and how they settled.

Cloudstar’s Journey : Erin Hunter :

Also, close to naming two kits noticable after known thunderclan medicine cats, for then to give them to thunderclan, seems like a dumb idea if they aren’t those ery cats, so that’s dissapointing, but yeah, otherwise a fine novella. What happened to SkyClan? Cloudstar, leader of SkyClan, has watched over his Clanmates at the edge of the forest for many long seasons.

May 22, Abby rated it liked it. Jun 05, Samantha rated it really liked it. Warriors 1 Erin Hunter.


cloudstars journey

How were they driven from their home? Dec 03, Sherri rated it it was ok. Erin Hunter is working on a new series now called Bravelands. A Vision of Shadows 2: The cover is generic, only fans of the Warriors series m Very short but a good, quick, emotional read. Also, where does the story continue? Visit our Gift Guides and find our recommendations on what to get friends and family during the holiday season. Hawkwing’s Journey Erin Hunter.

Cloudstar’s Journey

Will they make an appearance in the Dawn of the Clans series? I’m mad at the nourney Clans for not helping SkyClan! This short novel is nothing more than a placeholder, simply a retelling of all we learned about SkyClan’s departure from the forest in Firestar’s Questfrom a SkyClan perspective but without any new insight.